Free IT Security Assessment*

Get a complete, non-invasive assessment of your digital environment. Understanding your vulnerabilities helps to ensure your business is not compromised.

Our free assessment performs the following checks against target systems:

  1. OS Fingerprint: Knowing your operating system, as well as running applications, narrows the vulnerability landscape and informs the penetration testing process by enabling selection of applicable attack vectors.
  2. TCP/UDP Scans: Determines open ports and enumerates sockets that are accepting connections on a target host.
  3. Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability Checking: Determining whether or not website allows Insertion of malicious browser-side scripts to other end users.
  4. SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanning: Detection of malicious code support in SQL statements via web page input.
  5. Password-Hash Dictionary Attack(s): Collecting password hashes and comparing them with known hashes of passwords used in other breaches.
  6. Command Injection Vulnerabilities: Attempted execution of arbitrary commands on the host operating system via a vulnerable application.
  7. Information Disclosures: File enumeration and other forms of inference attack (i.e. reviewing banners, error handling notifications, etc.)
  8. Path Traversal Vulnerabilities: Attempt to access files and directories stored outside of the root directory.
  9. Weak Cipher Detection: Detection and enumeration of weak ciphers known to have low-rated levels of security.
  10. Improper Error Handling: Documentation of various error responses in conjunction with system calls, buffer overflow, system stack and brute-force attack sequences.

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*Limits apply: single internet feed, no more than one public IP scanned, only one engagement per domain.

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