Legal Consultation for IT Contract Negotiations

With contracts, the negotiation of pricing and other terms can take up a significant amount of time and expertise. The instinct is to rush this process, but by receiving assistance with the market overview and internal assessment aspects, you can ensure you get the right IT contract for you and your company.

Cyber Security Insurance

Go a step beyond knowing your weaknesses—insulate yourself from liability. TechStrata’s advisory team discloses those breaches that are most likely to harm your business.

Next, we provide nationally underwritten insurance to cover:

  • Privacy Liability (PL)
    Money to pay for forensics should your company be accused of negligence in connection with the loss of individually identifiable information.
  • Unauthorized Access and Compute-Property Destruction (UACPD)
    Money to remunerate clients for information held in your care that was stolen or destroyed.
  • Malicious Infection Liability (MIL)
    Money to assist your organization with responding to a viral outbreak or zero-day attack that adversely affects the integrity of your customer’s data.

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