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Open the Doors to Knowledge: TechStrata's Open Source Learning Platforms

At TechStrata, we believe in the power of open source. That's why we offer flexible and cost-effective Open Source Learning Platform solutions built on reliable frameworks like Moodle, Open edX, and others. This approach combines the best of two worlds: the adaptability and affordability of open source with the expertise and support of TechStrata.

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Choose the Right Framework

We help you select the optimal open-source platform based on your specific needs, audience, and technical capabilities.

Customization and Integration

We customize the platform to your brand, integrate content and tools, and configure features to match your learning goals.

Training and Support

We provide comprehensive training for platform administrators and users, offering ongoing support and maintenance for your open-source solution.


Open source learning platforms are an affordable and flexible solution for organizations looking to create an effective learning experience. These platforms allow organizations to design and develop their own platform to meet their specific needs, without the need to purchase commercial software.

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