IT Managed Services allow the organization to focus on what they do best while leaving the technical support and management to our team. We strive to be, an extension of the organization and take on the responsibilities as the IT department. Techstrata provides the necessary and specialized knowledge it takes to take on your IT needs and align the work with the business goals.

Hardware Support
Techstrata’s hardware support manages the physical aspect of support. If your staff has an issue with a physical device such as a computer, printer, scanner, or monitor - our team is here to help. We take on the task of ensuring that your staff can be as productive as they can from wherever they are.
Help Desk Services
Techstrata provides dedicated help desk agents to handle day-to-day IT issues. Issues ranging from printers to internet outages can be managed by our Help Desk 24/7/365 days a year. Allow your teams to focus on what they do best while not having to worry about technical support.
System Administration
IT systems in any organization are complex and critical to keeping the business running smoothly. Our team of sophisticated system administrators helps to make sure that the process continues smoothly. We continuously monitor, patch, and optimize your IT systems to ensure maximum uptime.
Database Administrators
In today’s technologically advanced ecosystem, databases are the pillars of where information is created, stored, and edited. Our database administrators can help ensure that databases are optimized for performance. We work in a variety of environments from traditional SQL Servers / Relational databases to NOSql / non-relational databases like MongoDB or DynamoDB. We’re an agnostic hosting company and can support the environment where ever it is located, in the cloud-like AWS or Azure all the way to local on-premise environments as well.

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