Disaster recovery is an important component of any business. Organizations are driven and depend on their data to be available 24/7. When a disaster hits, TechStrata is here to help you weather the storm. These key questions often go unanswered:

We address this by digging into the cost-benefit analysis of the high-pressure, deadline-driven business that needs to be resilient.

Our cloud-based disaster recovery solution offers a major advantage over antiquated disaster recovery solutions. While traditional disaster recovery solutions require large upfront capital, with onsite backup appliances or legacy back up solutions, physical access, and slow access to recovery - our cloud-based disaster recovery solution can be achieved for a fraction of the cost.

TechStara’s Cloud Disaster Recovery Services manages the entire process for you. Everything from the initial setup, configuration, seeding and scheduled testing to a disaster simulation. Our skilled teams will take the lead and guide your organization in ensuring your data is protected. In the event that a disaster does hit, our team will be there to help you get back to work.

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