To ensure there are no security vulnerabilities in a software application that has recently been developed or updated, let TechStrata perform security testing for your organization as part of your software development process. This is an essential part of the software development lifecycle and getting it right should be a top priority in today’s constantly changing and expanding digital ecosystem. A security audit can make sure the application remains in compliance with a specific set of security criteria while protecting your applications from malicious attacks by detecting and fixing security weaknesses in your application’s code.

This has become a major challenge for software engineers and security professionals as systems become more complex with hackers continuously increasing their efforts to target the application layer which remains the weakest security link. Findings from top industry research reports show that attacking application weaknesses and software vulnerabilities remains the most common external attack method. A recent report from Verizon found that web applications are a top hacking vector in breaches and not going away.

Currently, the amount of investment in protecting the network and other areas of the IT infrastructure is often inconsistent with the level of risk associated with them in today’s threat landscape. To ensure effective application security, take advantage of TechStrata’s application security services to make sure that your application security practices evolve beyond the old methods of blocking traffic as investing in network security is not enough.

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